SIP Trunks

Replace ISDN lines with SIP Trunks giving your business flexibility and resilience

Enjoy significant savings

By replacing expensive ISDN phone lines with an IP connection between your existing PBX and the Timico network.

Our flexible SIP Trunking service can deliver the benefits of Voice over IP to your existing PBX, or simply help drastically reduce your monthly line rental charges.

The internet is now being used as the primary communications infrastructure for most businesses and the natural progression is to use it to carry your inter-site voice traffic at no cost, or to replace expensive ISDN or PSTN phone lines.

Timico’s SIP Trunks are compatible with a wide range of IP phone systems but as an alternative we can SIP-enable your existing PBX by implementing a gateway solution, without having to make any changes to your hardware.

Benefits of SIP Trunks

  • Reduce the quantity of ISDN lines and save thousands of pounds in line rental with little or no upfront capital expenditure
  • Make significant cost savings on your voice traffic with no complicated discount structure or long term commitment
  • Boost the resiliency of your voice communications as part of your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning
  • Consolidate your communications supply and invoicing with a single bill and a dedicated customer service team
  • Enable flexible working in a controlled and manageable way while keeping the associated costs under control
  • Bring your voice service more in line with your other IT services

How much could you save by switching to SIP Trunks?

Honda was one of the first major businesses in the UK to migrate its entire ISDN estate to SIP Trunk technology. All lines at its head office and DR site are now successfully running over Timico SIP Trunks, bringing significant benefits to the business and saving over 45% on line rental and calls.

What our customers say - Seaco

"Rather than over-burdening our already-busy IT department with responsibility for telephony, we were able to safely place all of this into the hands of experts."

Dave Sasse

IT Manager

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