Business Broadband

Timico offers uninterrupted connectivity and high-bandwidth with no disruption from consumer peaks in traffic on our business only network.

Fibre FTTC

Timico Fibre Broadband, also known as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), helps businesses meet the ever growing requirements of bandwidth-hungry applications. With download speeds of up to 80Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps, this technology offers the kind of performance previously available only via costly private data circuits.

Unlike other service providers, Timico only provide broadband to business customers. We deliver high quality networks that are reliable, secure and resilient to high demand. This means that you will always receive the best data speeds that your line can achieve without being constrained by the limitations of the service provider's network.

Timico provide a range of business grade solutions that help you make the most of your Fibre Broadband line including Hosted VoIP, SIP Trunks, Colocation, VPN and data storage.

What speeds can I get?

Enter your telephone number or postcode into our broadband checker to see if fibre broadband is available at your address and what speeds you can get. Please note that a telephone number will give more accurate results.



Timico's business grade broadband ADSL is utilised by over 28,000 businesses in the UK.  Our ADSL packages ensure the fastest DSL connectivity solution for your business, supported by Timico’s renowned customer support.

We offer a DSL connection to the 21CN that delivers standard download speeds of up to 16Mbps and up to 1Mbps* upload speeds.

Timico’s DSL business broadband services also form an integral part of our larger networking solutions such as Private Wide Area Networks (PWAN), for customers looking to connect multiple sites without wanting to manage individual VPNs at each site.

Bonded Broadband

Bonded broadband lets you join (or bond) two or more broadband connections together to form one combined high speed managed connection using MLPPP (Multi-Link Point-to-Point Protocol), to increase both your download and upload capability.

This solution has been very popular for businesses that require high capacity internet connectivity with added resiliency for applications such as VPN traffic or multimedia solutions, or accommodating the connectivity requirements of a large office.

Bonding offers the perfect solution to businesses requiring higher bandwidth, with extra resiliency and a heightened SLA without the high costs of a leased line connection, or the limitations of a single broadband circuit, although the use of Fibre Broadband and Ethernet services is becoming more prevalent in this area as costs come down.

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What our customers say - Murco

"The Timico network has made us much more efficient and has allowed Murco to manage a large, and increasingly growing network of retail sites without significantly increasing our staff or costs."

Umar Bajwa

Manager UK Networks, Murco Petroleum Limited

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