Meet the customer, Informa

Welcome to the third of our blogs where we interview customers to find out how technology is utilised in their businesses. This month we interview Paul Hardy, Director of IT Service Management for the Informa Group, one of Timico’s largest customers.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Paul Hardy - Director of IT Service Management for the Informa Group, adviser to group CIO, regional IT leadership teams and business executives at the highest level for IT Service Management. I’m responsible for implementing successful service delivery methodologies and processes utilising the regional IT shared service centre resources and assigned service and support teams. I’m submerged in Service Delivery, Social IT, Vendor & Contracts Management and Communication & Collaboration.  

Tell us a bit about Informa

Informa provides academics, businesses and individuals with unparalleled knowledge, up-to-the minute information and highly specialist skills and services. With around 8,000 employees working in some 150 offices in over 40 countries, our global reach and breadth of offer is unique.

What are your business plans for 2013?

A big focus for this year is around IT Asset Management and driving out unnecessary cost through Vendor and Contract Management.

What is your biggest technology headache?

I don't have technology headaches in my role, thankfully!

What’s your favourite gadget?

Sonos - wireless multi-zone digital music system, if you love music this is a must have gadget.

What’s your favourite piece of software?

ServiceNow, although I'd have to say it’s more of a platform than software. It helps us define the strategy, implementation, governance and compliance of service transition and service operations processes and procedures across the Informa Group. (Editor’s note – Timico chose ServiceNow for our Service Management platform, partly on Paul’s recommendation.)

What are your favourite websites?

How did you come to do business with Timico?

Informa’s relationship with Timico started some seven years ago after we had a requirement to consolidate around 40 home worker ADSL home connections onto a single provider. Over the years we have seen the capabilities around their service portfolio and relationship management grow from strength to strength, into what we class now as a preferred partner.

What are your technology predictions for this year?

I think companies will reduce complexity, aiming to simplify and standardise in 2013. They will leverage more cloud and hosted technologies and services. More businesses will secure and support the increasing number of company and personally owned mobile devices.

How has the economy in recent years affected your IT strategy?

We have taken the opportunity to review and focus on our IT Governance. This is an integral part of enterprise governance and consists of the leadership and organisational structures and processes that ensure that the organisation’s IT sustains and extends the organisation’s strategies and objectives.

What are your top IT tips for dealing with acquisitions and mergers?

I know it sounds obvious but good due diligence is often overlooked. 

Which will be bigger, Windows Phone 8 or BlackBerry 10?

I think BlackBerry will retain a place in the enterprise and dependant on the success of BlackBerry 10, might just claw back some of the market share it lost during 2012. But let’s face it if Microsoft spends the reported $1billion on marketing Windows 8 and it leans on the high expectations for its Surface tablet, then I’m pretty sure Windows Phone 8 will end up the winner in this one.

Anything else you’d like the world to know?

Bit of personal statement….Our future success is about learning to ride the business wave of change, and having the ability and strength to rebalance and recover quickly when we fall off. You can contact me @paulhardyuk 

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