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Stuck at home in the snow? Not a problem with VoIP

So it looks like my testing and launch of Timico VoIP for iPhone came at just the right time. Did anyone else have the dilemma of deciding whether or not to venture into the office this morning?

Well for me, it wasn’t such a dilemma… I have my laptop to send and receive emails, I can remotely connect into the Timico network to get to the Intranet and all the documents that I need, but I can also rest assured that I’m not going to miss an important call and I can use the company phone system in the exact same way as if I were in the office.

Due to the nature of VoIP, before having my Timico VoIP for iPhone app, I could have used the softphone on my laptop or I could have even plugged my IP phone straight into my home router (of course that is only if I’d have thought about bringing my phone home with me on Friday or at least picked up a USB headset). Failing that, I’d still have been able to log onto my management portal and divert all of my incoming calls to my mobile to make sure I’m contactable.

But this morning, I didn’t need to think about any of that – I don’t need to activate any diverts, or plug in any extra hardware, one click onto my VoIP app and I’m logged straight into the office phone system.

Not only will I still be able to take all of my calls, but I can also see the name of the colleague that’s calling me, I have full access to the company address book, I can access my voicemails at the click of a button, I can transfer calls, and start conference calls easily - none of which I would have been able to do just with a divert to my mobile. With some of the multimedia features that you get with VoIP, I can also see the availability of my colleagues straight from my iPhone and I have the ability to Instant Message them if they are unavailable. Thanks to features like these, some people would never know that I’m working from home! As far as anyone else is concerned, it’s business as usual, they can just contact me in the normal way on my normal number and have access to all the same functionality.

This way of working doesn’t just only benefit me either, it also helps control company costs. On days like today with lots of people probably working from their mobiles, businesses may see an increase in mobile charges due to long sales calls and conference calls. Using VoIP from home won’t have any effect on the cost to the company – chairing a conference call and speaking with colleagues back at the office will all be free.

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