Why we've partnered with O2 wholesale

You might have seen in the press recently that Timico has recently extended our strategic partnership with O2 to include fixed line broadband and Ethernet services. We’ve been an O2 partner for mobile services since Timico was founded in 2004 but now seemed like a great time to deepen that relationship.
But who are O2 wholesale and why are we working with them? Well, O2 wholesale started out as an independent broadband network provider called BE Unlimited. BE launched into the UK broadband market in 2004, installing its own LLU broadband network equipment in BT’s exchanges in London, Manchester and Birmingham. It quickly established a reputation for fast access speeds, network reliability and high quality technical support which resulted in them winning plenty of awards. Telefonica/O2 acquired BE in 2006 as part of their strategic expansion into fixed line telephony and broadband.
Since then O2 has been developing the business into a wholesale broadband and Ethernet provider, which it rebranded to O2 wholesale in March of this year.  O2 wholesale offer arguably the fastest and best performing network in the UK and now Timico will be able to utilise that network for our business customers.
Up until now we've always used BT Wholesale for ADSL broadband access, but during the summer we’ll be adding O2 wholesale broadband lines into our customer base as well. The advantage for us as an independent managed service provider is we can always offer the best technical and commercial option for our customers' needs if we have a choice of wholesale suppliers. O2 wholesale also has some diagnostic tools which can help resolve customer faults more quickly than BT wholesale connections. We’ll be migrating some of our existing customers to the O2 wholesale network during the summer and will begin adding new services later in the year.
We strongly believe that fixed and mobile broadband is converging - that is to say, it is increasingly important for businesses to be able to access their applications seamlessly whether they are in the office, at home or on the move. So working with a strategic partner who can offer us mobile and fixed broadband services will be an advantage we can pass on to our customers.
We already offer a unique Mobile Access Management solution which uses the O2 network to offer secure mobile broadband services which can be fully integrated to company private networks. In the future with the introduction of fourth generation mobile services (LTE) we expect mobile broadband will become an even more important part of the business IT and communications infrastructure.
We'll tell you more later in the year about the services we have planned, but in the meantime if you have ideas of how your business could use converged fixed broadband and 4G mobile broadband, why not add a comment below or tweet us @TimicoUK

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