IT managers’ toolkit: Timico’s need to know guide

It’s a minefield out there for today’s IT managers. Few other professions have undergone such radical change in a relatively short period of time. New operating systems, methods of working, technologies and compliance requirements seem to emerge on a daily basis in the IT profession. What’s more, a recent Timico survey found that 52% of IT managers are also responsible for business telecoms. Unfortunately, all of this is coupled with a wealth of industry misinformation – making it all the more difficult to make the right decision for your business.

SMEs increasingly using cloud for disaster recovery

For a long time, the cloud was something that many small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) viewed with a certain amount of apprehension and even suspicion.

However, new research has shown that they are finally coming around to the benefits remote storage and services can offer them - in this case, for disaster recovery purposes.

Southwark Council benefits from new contact centre technology

Southwark Council is benefiting from a new contact centre, complete with a number of technological solutions designed to ensure it meets its customers' needs.

The facility in Peckham only opened its doors recently, but it has already helped the local authority achieve significant operational performance and service quality improvements.

Disaster recovery and DDoS protection - let Timico help with both

At Timico, we like to keep busy with ensuring businesses of all sizes have everything they need to stay safe in the face of online security threats and unforeseen disasters that could otherwise threaten operations.

Five reasons why the iPhone may not be thePhone for your business

We all know that traditionally, the iPhone has been lauded as the one size fits all business phone but is it the only or indeed the best option for your business today?


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