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Microsoft launch Skype for Business

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced the changes to their Unified Communications solution offered to our customers via Office 365. Skype for Business, which was previously called Lync, will provide business end users with a brand new client experience, allowing professionals to reach out to hundreds of millions of Skype users outside the walls of their business through IM, video calls and online meetings, all in one application.

Dual SIM mobile devices help guarantee service continuity in the Private Hire transport industry.

As businesses seek to become ever more efficient, one sector that is benefiting from the advancement  of the dual SIM device is the Private Hire transport industry.

UC Expo: insight into the workplace of today and the tools of tomorrow

The way employees interact with customers and colleagues is changing rapidly and UC Expo didn’t disappoint in celebrating the workplace collaboration tools of today whilst giving us a glimpse of what’s around the corner.

Microsoft Data Sense - browsing compression to make your Lumia last in those crucial moments

Some people may have never heard of this Application whilst others may be using it in full swing on their Microsoft Lumia devices.  Microsoft Data Sense is a productivity app enabling users to view and monitor their data usage through a number of factors, from daily consumption to app usage.

Its responsive abilities means when data is reaching its limits, web browsing becomes basic, there are less adverts and background data is compressed. Users can then avoid the pitfalls of bill shock when exceeding their data limit and contending with slower connections.


Timico Synergy backbone wins 2015 best VoIP infrastructure award

Nuvia Cloud which powers Timico Synergy UC wins best VoIP infrastructure award at the 2015 Annual Internet Telephony Services Providers' Association (ITSPA) which is the voice of the UK VoIP and Unified Communications industry, designed to celebrate innovation and best practices.

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