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17th November network outage

Many of our customers were affected by a major network incident on the afternoon of 17th November, which was caused by two consecutive power cuts in a London data centre. We wanted to share the causes of this incident and highlight some points that should be of interest to all businesses.

Millions of British businesses don’t feel ready to deal with the future of digital technology

The speed of digital disruption has left 50 per cent of British businesses and public sector organisations surveyed fearful or worried that their organisations will not be able to keep up with what is still to come over the next five years, according to YouGov research for Vodafone UK.


Key considerations to make when deploying a Fixed Mobile Convergence solution

In today’s global marketplace, IT departments face a constant challenge to make their workforce reachable, empower the users to improve customer service and drive efficiencies all within ever decreasing budgets. Here are some key considerations when deploying your FMC solution so you can be sure that when you partner with a supplier, they will reduce the pressures and support you:

Considering device recycling in your business?

It can be too easy sometimes to let returned devices and older or damaged equipment to mount up in the office as we are too busy dealing with the day to day tasks of supplying IT services.

What is more, how can you be sure that when you recycle your devices and equipment through the consumer channels, that your devices are being securely tested and wiped of all corporate business information?

Business Benefits of Fixed Mobile Convergence

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) describes a telephone system that uses both fixed line and mobile telephony - unifying the two different technologies to act as a single system. The term FMC covers a number of variants and solutions with the common objective of allowing mobile handsets and desk phones to work as an integrated system.

The ultimate aim for any FMC solution is to provide a seamless transmission of voice and data usage with no perceptible break in handover between the fixed and cellular connectivity (from the calling party or the called party’s perspective).

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