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Nottingham City joins Connection Voucher Scheme

Nottingham has now joined the SuperConnected Cities Voucher Scheme, taking the total number of participating cities to 23. This will make up to £3,000 worth of connection vouchers available to eligible Nottingham-based businesses to cover one-off installation fees, including excess construction charges.


Happy Birthday Timico: Celebrating with a decade of customers

It’s celebration time at Timico today, as the whole company celebrates our tenth birthday. As with any business though, it’s not just the staff who have contributed to our success – but our customers too.

Here we take a look back at the customers who have been with us from the very beginning – before the high-tech head office in Newark existed, before the internet was an intrinsic part of business life and a time when Facebook was a little-known website only available to the students of Harvard.


SuperConnected Cities process simplified

Some significant changes have been made to the application process to simplify the scheme and make it more accessible. Crucially this means that SMEs in most of the cities now only require one quote, rather than two to apply for the funding. Find out more about the application process here.

Other changes include a drop in the minimum voucher value to £200 and a reduction in paperwork with a Service Delivery Certificate no longer required post installation.


Ten years of Timico: Three years at Timico

This week is Timico’s tenth birthday. Coincidentally it’s also my third anniversary at the company and I thought it would be interesting to see what changes the company has gone through in the last three years, and what our customers can look forward to over the next three years.

Ten years of tech on the silver screen

In the last ten years, tech in films has transformed the way we look at the world and had a way of making the future seem impossible. Reflecting on top 10 films of the last 10 years, has made us wonder how many of the storylines from these hits from the last decade will come true.



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