#Lumia Biz Trial - your opportunity to put Microsoft to the test

Since 2011, Microsoft have grown to become the second largest supplier of business phones, now owning 26% of the market. Together with 365, Microsoft are fast becoming the chosen supplier to provide a single user experience across all devices; great for those enterprises pursuing a mobile and cloud strategy.

Up to £3,000 of Connection Vouchers now available to even more SMEs in existing SuperConnected cities

We wrote recently about the extension of the Connection voucher scheme and the 28 additional cities that have been invited to join.

In addition to these changes, some of the existing cities have widened the reach of the scheme by extending the eligible postcode areas.

A summary of the extensions is as follows but to check whether your postcode is eligible visit our website.

BES12 - Think BlackBerry, Think Security, Think Choice

If you work in one of the regulated industries in the UK, it’s not enough to simply put a password lock on your business’s devices.

Taking data security seriously, you need to know that your information is secure all the way from your servers, right up to the geographically diverse potential data leaks more commonly known as smartphones & tablets.

This is complicated enough, before even considering that it’s no longer “cool” for a company to prescribe its own flavour of device on a worker.


Upcoming Ofcom changes to NGN numbers

Ofcom, the communications regulator, are making changes to the way consumers are charged for calling service numbers (08, 09 & 118 numbers).

Research which Ofcom carried out has shown that consumers are confused about how much it costs to call these types of numbers, and as a result they avoid using them. The changes being introduced are designed to make the costs transparent, easier to understand and hopefully encourage consumers to use them.

IT managers' toolkit: DR and planning for the worst

In recent years there has been a significant shift in the ways businesses depend on technology. From data management and system developments to customer communications and troubleshooting, IT managers play a key role in ensuring that a business runs smoothly and efficiently. This also includes putting a bullet proof plan in place for when things go wrong. Worryingly, this is often overlooked, meaning that many Disaster Recovery (DR) plans are often not addressed until disaster strikes - leaving businesses vulnerable and exposed when systems fail.

DR in the news


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