Technical support - how are we doing?

We’re passionate about delivering brilliant service for our customers. Your time is precious and we’re there to help you solve whatever internet or telecommunications stresses that you have. Our Customer Service and Technical Support teams are based here in the UK and we aim to be very easy to access.

But what are our service levels and how is our Technical Support team performing?

We aim to answer your calls to Tech within 30 seconds. In September we just missed that, with an average answer time of 34 seconds.

Telephony - Should the system be private or hosted?

From the last blog, we concluded that moving to VoIP technology can benefit your business in a number of ways, so now we need to think about how you should go about doing that. There are a couple of initial considerations:

Think 07 means mobile? Think again!

Most people think that when they dial a number that starts ‘07’ that they are calling a mobile phone. But the truth is more complicated and can be considerably more costly! Read our top tips to avoid 07 bill shock.

Huge pool of funding still available to businesses looking for improved connectivity.

The Broadband Connection Vouchers Scheme has been re-launched after disappointing take-up so far. Only a fraction of the available funding has been used meaning many more eligible businesses could still benefit.

Efforts are being made to raise awareness of the scheme and there has been a range of activities including radio, press interviews and articles in social media such as LinkedIn and Audioboo.

IT managers’ toolkit: A guide to SIP

IT managers are used to having to keep pace with industry trends, but with an increasing amount of IT managers now finding themselves responsible for telecoms, they now have to add more strings to their bow. In fact, a recent survey by Timico found that 52% of IT managers now also have responsibility for telecoms. Despite this, the same survey revealed that a shocking 67% of IT managers do not know what SIP is, despite it being heralded in the industry as the next big shift in telecoms. In fact, UK market forecasts anticipate SIP will have overtaken ISDN for voice services by 2016*.


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