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Diary of a Synergy UC User: The Power of Synergy UC

How Synergy UC allows me to answer calls anywhere, anytime, even without an internet connection

As a Product Manager at Timico, I’m not guaranteed to always be working in the office at my desk. I’m very often out and about visiting suppliers, customers, or our other Timico offices. For me, it’s important to still be able to answer calls and check my messages whilst I’m away from my desk.

Try hand-e-pix for free for 30 days

hand-e-pix, a business critical mobile application allows users to capture images & videos and send to HQ securely. Once captured items are automatically tagged with location, time/date, user ID and category. Once submitted media is automatically deleted from the device for ultimate security.

On the server, images are accessed, via the hand-e-pix Media Manager, to be reviewed, catalogued searched and shared.


Have you taken part in the Lumia commercial trial yet?

Timico have teamed up with Microsoft to offer a 45-day trial of Microsoft Lumia devices to our customers.

The Microsoft Lumia commercial trial puts devices in the hands of your employees, so you can experience the benefits of Windows 10 across smartphone and laptop for yourself. As well as sampling the 650 - a great device for your fleet - you can also experience the business class 950 with secure features such as Windows Hello and Continuum, where your phone becomes your PC.

Read about data roaming solutions ahead of your travels this summer

Before you jet off on holiday this year, consider your options regarding your data roaming solutions.

Of course we all want to be switched on, but with the recent introduction of EU regulations and changes in network roaming solutions it can be difficult to understand what the best value for money is now.

Here is an update to steer you in the right direction:


View a recording of our webinar about the future of Mobile Device Management (MDM) delivered in partnership with BlackBerry software

Mobile devices – whether company issued or personally owned – are critical productivity tools for your workforce. Mobile device management solutions make the setting-up and control of these assets, and the associated security challenges, much easier, quicker, and more efficient.

You may have heard the exciting news about BlackBerry and Good Technology, two of Timico's key Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) suppliers coming together to provide the industry's most complete secure mobility solution.

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