Internet safety experts help locals stay safe online

Newark, UK
 - June 7th 2016 - 

On Wednesday June 8th, Timico, the internet and managed service provider, will be taking to Newark’s Market Square to share its top internet safety tips with the local community.

From their pop-up stand in the town centre, the team will be handing out leaflets covering a range of digital safety topics including social media, PC and e-mail and Wi-Fi and internet safety whilst also offering their expert advice on how locals can keep themselves and their personal details safe online.

It is believed there are currently over 3.26 billion internet users globally which equates to over 40% of the world’s population. And with more and more new viruses appearing every day, the threat to web users’ personal information through hackers, phishing and malware scams, is greater than ever before.

Luke Johnson, Director of Customer Operations at Timico, says: “We chose which topics to include in our leaflet very carefully as we wanted there to be something for everyone. The rise of social media and smartphones means there are now more web users than ever before and therefore more targets for hackers and malware creators.

“We wanted to inform people of the dangers of the digital world whilst also showing them that with a few simple safety precautions, they can protect both themselves and their computers and enjoy safe surfing and appreciate everything the web has to offer.”

Headquartered in Newark, the privately-owned managed IT, internet and communications service provider supplies multi-site organisations with the managed IT, network connectivity, cloud, unified communication and mobile solutions they need to keep their businesses operating competitively.

The team will be offering advice on Wednesday June 8th from 9.00am to 2pm.

For more information about Timico, head over to

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