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Quarter of IT managers experienced an outage in the past month – but DR plans still take a back seat

New study into Disaster Recovery (DR) habits shows worrying lack of awareness

Newark, UK
 - February 17th 2015 - 

A new industry survey has found that despite a quarter of IT managers experiencing an outage in the past month, disaster recovery plans are still receiving desperately little attention.

The study, conducted by Timico, the business internet, hosting and communications service provider, showed that power failures were the single most common cause of outages (25%), followed by a combination of hardware and software issues (40%). Further down the list were more unavoidable issues, such as natural disasters (11%), malicious activity (5%) and simple human error (7%). 

With such a frequency of outages and as many as one in eight of those surveyed admitting they had either never tested their DR plans or had no idea exactly when they were last tested, the likelihood of a prompt, well-managed recovery process seems unlikely for many UK SMBs.  

Tom Moores, Sales Director for Cloud and Hosting at Timico, said: “Unfortunately – IT outages are simply a part of life. It’s not a case of “if” they will happen, but when. The difference lies in how prepared you are when these outages occur. What’s a concern is not that these outages happen, but that some organisations believe the chances of their business being hit by one are so remote that they are not always completely prepared when it happens.”

The news follows the recent launch of Timico’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution, a flexible cloud-based service ideal for businesses of all sizes that have already virtualised their IT environment, to protect themselves from the impact of outages.  DRaaS benefits from a starting Recovery Point Objective of mere seconds and Recovery Time Objective of 15 minutes, at a far lower cost than many more expensive Disaster Recovery solutions such as disk array-based replication.

The fact that DRaaS is charged on a pay-as-you-go basis, based on the number of servers protected each month makes it more attractive than some of the traditional dual site replication pricing models.

The survey showed cost to be a key component in the decision making process, with 35% of those questioned stating that sticking to budget was the most important factor in a successful DR solution. This was followed by ease of set up (31%) and reliability (31%).

Tom concluded: “IT managers have a lot to deal with – so planning for potential issues in the future can often slip down the list. With DRaaS, much of the hassle previously associated with planning and managing your DR strategy is alleviated, as everything is visible in a simple, replicated cloud-based environment.

“A call to the right provider is considerably less trouble than explaining to your CEO why the back-up plan failed. With a straightforward, reliable and cost effective solution available so readily, there really is no excuse for being unprepared should the worst happen.”

For more information about Timico and its DRaaS offering, please visit:

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